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For over 50 years, Casa Ribas, a small family business, was created by Carmen Figueras Plana and Pedro Ribas Teixidor with enthusiasm to serve the customer in the best way, the best in both quality products as humane . The cozy atmosphere sets necessary to enjoy the specialties (both area and beyond) offer.

We started representing pasta soup Hostench selling food for livestock (since previously the market was in "Rise of the Castle") and garlic Banyoles.

In 70 years, there was no market in "Rise of the Castle" and we changed some type of product we were; leave food for the cattle to dedicate ourselves to other types of food, also initiated the sale of liquor.



In 1984 we renovated the property to dedicate today to offer: Wines, Spirits, Whisky, Champagne, Geneva, cognac and select products.

Today we continue with these products, and since 2000 a part of the business specialists in the area of local products such as wine, crackers, oils, anchovies, candies ...

The family is still in business with the same enthusiasm at first, trying to meet the needs of customers every day.